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Safety with Electricity Installation and Services-(Training 1)

Taught by Engineer with CREA-CAT (Certificate of Technical Collection) 02215 SJC
• Required course for those responsible for electrical installations in establishments with loads above 75 kW, according to NR-10;
• Certificate Course for supplying electrical engineer with ART;
• Provides guidelines for preparing the Handbook of Electrical Installation;
• Aspects mandatory NBR 5410;
• Travel with valid certificate for MTB Ordinance 598, 07/12/04, security and facilities and services with Electricity;

Empower, enhance and recycle the professional knowledge to work safely in the electrical area, offering a systemic view of the risks and preventative measures to minimize accidents and occupational diseases. Providing knowledge and certification in accordance with the Ordinance MTB 598, December 7, 2004 in security facilities and services with Electricity - NR10 through structured course load of 40 hours.
All professionals working with electrical installations. This course is a required course, required by the Ministry of Labour for Engineering Managers, Maintenance Managers, Supervisorers and all professionals who work directly or indirectly with electricity within companies. The non-adoption of the requirements of this standard, among them having given basic training for employees, can result in fines and, in extreme cases, disqualification.
1 - Introduction to Electrical Safety.
2 - Risks in facilities with electricity.
3 - Technical Risk Analysis.
4 - Control Measures Risk Electrical.
5 - Brazilian Technical Standards
-> ABNT NBR's: NBR-5410, 14039 and other NBR:
6 - Regulation of MTE
7 - collective protection equipment.
8 - Personal Protective Equipment.
9 - Routine work - Procedures.
10 - Documentation of electrical installations
11 - Additional Risks
12 - Protection and Firefighting
13 - Accidents of electrical origin.
14 - First Aid.
15 - Responsibilities
16 - Availiação conclusive.
We provide Certifacate and proper handout

Curso Online:
Certificação de NR10

• Course distance or "In Company"
• Providing Proper Handout
• Completion Certificate Course
• Professor "On Line" for service
• Questions and answers frequently during the course
• Illustrated with videos and photos of electrical accidents

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With: evidence, handout and completion certificate will be sent.

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